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EuroLyme EU Petition

Reliable blood tests for Lyme disease

EuroLyme has launched an EU Petition.

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EuroLyme patient initiative to European policy about Lyme disease

LymePlus covers the disease caused by
- all borrelia species
- all tick bite infections
- linked bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi

The initiative asks respect
- for European vision on democracy
- for innovative research



Petition No 0986/2023 by John Vandeput (Belgian), on behalf of EuroLyme, on

Reliable blood tests for Lyme disease



The petitioner makes reference to the European Parliament Resolution of 15 November 2018 on Lyme disease (Borreliosis), highlighting the need for more reliable blood tests for the diagnostic and screening of this illness.
In his opinion, the tests should cover all Borelia species and repeated testing, using several existing tests, should be performed in an effort to develop better perspectives of treatment.


Original text

The European Parliament resolution of 15 November 2018 on Lyme disease (borreliosis) (2018/2774 (RSP))
asks for more reliable blood tests.
Since the reliability of existing Lyme blood tests is not well examined, a big comparison is needed.
All borrelia species should be included.
Research based on tests (even if experimental) showing the end an active infection, can bring more accurate views on the treatment.
Therefore repeated testing of a patient group with the few current blood tests showing the end of an active infection, needs extra attention.
Blood tests to be compared are :
Phelix Phage;
several evolved ELISA;
several evolved (Western)Blot.
For understanding the link with patient symptoms, the blood test results can be compared to a questionnaire (e.g. Horowitz Lyme-MSIDS Questionnaire).


European Commission notice to the PETI committee about the our petition

The petition committee counts 66 Members of European Parliament.
The notice is available in 24 languages.
Quote : It is expected that with improvement of clinical approaches to testing for Borrelia the performance of the tests will also improve.


EuroLyme groups

Borrelia och TBE föreningen Sweden
Suomen Lyme Borrelioosi ry Finland
Lyme Lives Here Hungary - Rusznyák Veronika Hungary



EuroLyme is in the EU Transparency Register no. 084971650245-03.

Let us remember the Members of the European Parliament their 2018 resolution.
Let us realize the big comparison of innovative existing Lyme blood tests.

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